Top 5 Things to Do in Portland, Maine in Just 15 Minutes

There are so many unique adventures in Downtown Portland, it was hard to choose just five. These are some of my favorite things for a short break from work, or between other activities. If you want more, please contact BreakTogether. We help people get to know Portland better, one break at a time.

The following adventures include walking time from most areas of Downtown Portland:

1. Walk to the waterfront.

You can probably make it to the water in 5 minutes from most Downtown businesses. In the summer, I love to walk along the pier between Portland Lobster Company and DiMillo’s and check out the beautiful boats and yachts. It’s also a great seagull and people watching location.

2. Check out the views!

We have so many places with views in our city. One of my favorites is the top of the parking garage at the corner of Fore and Pearl Streets. The views in every direction are breathtaking. There are great vistas from most of the garages, but this is my favorite, by the Custom House.

3. Ice Cream in a Secret Garden.

We wait all winter for green to appear, and ice cream seems to be better in the sunshine as well. Grab an ice cream from your favorite place and head to the Longfellow House on Congress Street. Walk through the gated entrance and to the left behind the home and discover a beautiful garden; a lovely place to enjoy a bit of peace and the smell of flowers.

4. Expand your culinary knowledge, rain or shine.

I love to cook and learn about new things. A really fun discovery project is to head into LeRoux Kitchen on Commercial Street, or Stonewall Kitchen on Middle Street, and spend a few minutes exploring utensils you have never seen before, or food you have never sampled. You will leave inspired.

5. Portland Museum of Art.

If you are on the west side of Downtown, you really can’t go wrong simply walking into the Museum. The lobby walls have a sampling of the art inside and I like to explore the gift shop, filled with unique items. You will have to watch the clock, because you could be pulled in for hours. I guarantee a 5-minute walk-through will brighten your day, at no charge.

BreakTogether is working to teach the importance of taking breaks in your work day to increase productivity and reduce stress. Portland is the ideal spot to explore and return to work refreshed. Contact us for more information.