About BreakTogether

Our mission is to increase the awareness of mindful employment throughout the U.S.—creating workplaces where humans thrive and businesses succeed.

We Empower Individuals to Improve the Way They Work by Incorporating Mindful Moments into Their Day.

We believe in the art and science of the break, or to put it another way, we believe in powerful pauses and neuroplasticity. BreakTogether was launched after years of extensive research into how people work best. CEO and founder Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom explored productivity findings from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. She delved into the current neuroscience research on the impact of mindfulness practices. 

Elizabeth then conducted interviews with hundreds of people—from CEOs to equipment operators. Equipped with this knowledge and insight, Elizabeth designed a program that optimizes work environments. Says Elizabeth, “I have personally witnessed the power of mindful pause to improve the way we work in any setting.”

Our mission is to increase the awareness of mindful employment throughout the US—creating workplaces where humans thrive and businesses succeed. We want to bring these practices beyond Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, and yoga gurus. They are beneficial for everyone. BreakTogether’s Learning Sessions are designed to create the space for engaged and healthy teams to flourish at work.

Elizabeth is a person who lights up a room.

After years of research and a successful pilot program, Elizabeth was committed to focusing full time on bringing powerful pauses into the workplace. Knowing that not every company can hire a Chief Mindfulness Officer like Google or Aetna, Elizabeth launched BreakTogether to help even the smallest businesses thrive.

Elizabeth is passionate about connecting with and serving people.  She wants everyone to feel empowered to be more thoughtful about the way they work.  From leading BreakTogether Learning Sessions to conference keynote presentations, such as the Maine Women’s Network, people can’t help but be inspired by Elizabeth’s positive energy and important message.

Outside of work, Elizabeth finds balance through spending time with family and community, mountain biking, cooking, singing, and quarry swimming along the coast of Maine.

“Watching Elizabeth in action with her BreakTogether work is a true inspiration.  She manages to make everyone feel included and valued while learning a key tool we all need more of in our hectic lives: the art of pausing to attend, notice, breathe, stretch, smile, and be grateful.”

–Margaret Hasna Kelsey, President, Wave of Insight