Space for Pause

One of my favorite stories on the power of mindful pause was shared by a friend and coach, Jason. He read about an elite tennis coach working with top players, those who were winning Wimbledon and the US Open. The coach was focused on helping a group of players that were one level down, trying […]

Thinking is Billable

Pausing for reflection and thinking – to be better at your work – is not personal time. In a recent workshop with a client who bills most of their work by the hour, we were discussing how to weave short mindful practices into their various workflows. As I explained the value of resilience practices for […]

Creating a Mindful Workplace

For the past three years, I have helped companies implement mindful work practices.  Our process and lessons may be helpful to your business. As of 2018, nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies are offering some type of mindfulness programming. The businesses I have worked with include call centers, sales development teams, marketing and ad agencies, system programmers, […]

Opportunity Millennial

In 2025 nearly 75% of our workforce will be comprised of Millennials and 25% will be Baby Boomers. Why does this matter? Primarily because the two groups come from very different spectrums in their approach to work. It’s a unique opportunity to strengthen culture and improve performance. Bringing these two generations together might feel like combining oil […]

Device Addiction: Before and After

At a workshop on the importance of unplugged pauses during the workday, we talked about a recent 60 Minutes segment on smartphone addiction. Anderson Cooper interviewed behavioral scientists who are working to ensure our smartphone applications are as addictive as possible. That’s how they make money. One person in my workshop had this realization, “I’ve […]


It’s one thirty in the afternoon and I have been sitting in this chair for nearly six hours. There is a conference call droning on that I shouldn’t have accepted, a half-eaten energy bar by my keyboard, while I multi-task with emails, instant messages, and the occasional pop-in question. Sound familiar? Have you ever felt […]