Founder Bio

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom

"Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom is a Person Who Lights up a Room."

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom is a master facilitator and accomplished program developer, she has over 20 years of experience in leadership engagement and wellness program implementation.  Elizabeth managed national account relationships and served as VP, Senior Health and Wellness Manager at a national bank with 26,000 employees.  She left the corporate world after realizing that her efforts were not addressing the root cause of problems she witnessed every day.  After years of research and a successful pilot program, Elizabeth committed to mindful work and conscious business full time. Knowing that not every company can hire a Chief Mindfulness Officer like Google or Aetna, she launched BreakTogether to help even the smallest businesses thrive.

Elizabeth is passionate about connecting with and serving people.  She wants everyone to feel empowered to be more thoughtful about the way they work.  From leading BreakTogether Learning Sessions to conference keynote presentations, such as the Maine Women’s Network, people can’t help but be inspired by Elizabeth’s positive energy and important message.

Outside of work, Elizabeth finds balance through spending time with family and community, mountain biking, cooking, singing, and quarry swimming along the coast of Maine.

“People development and business growth are my life’s work.”

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom – Founder & CEO