Mindful Employer

Evolve the way you work.

Mindful Employer®

With increasing desire for purposeful work, growing tension between technological and human connection, and a rapidly changing workforce with each graduating class, people-centric environments are quickly differentiating employers from their competitors.


How well do your employees connect with your mission and vision, their immediate managers, and themselves? These are the top 3 indicators for a thriving business.
The Mindful Employer Survey is quick, insightful and actionable. It provides an immediate pulse check on your employee experience in these areas.

They way we work is rapidly changing. Employees are choosing where they want to work based on mission, vision, and values.  They are staying with companies who are invested in their development and who provide time for connection to self and wellbeing.

We help you to better understand your employee experience in these areas and then chart a course to raise the bar in areas that can be improved.

Companies with human-first cultures deserve to stand out from their competitors.

The Mindful Employer Designation® is awarded by your employees and it’s not a competition.