The Art of The Break: Intro

The Art of the Break is a weekly podcast with insight and strategy to improve the way we are working. The average US worker is putting in 50 hours a week and 20% of us are working over 60 hours. I believe we can work differently – with less stress and greater success.

We bring you conversations with: entrepreneurs, business leaders, mindfulness and productivity experts, and administrative professionals who are leading the way to better work day practices – one step at a time.

Many people are working in “doing more with less” environments with expectations of long hours, few breaks, and 24/7 connectivity. This leads to health issues and lower productivity. With more than 100 years of data supporting breaks and 40-hour work weeks to produce our best outcomes, why aren’t we doing it?

I think we need to talk about it and find ways to practice ourselves and together. Our 15 to 20-minute interviews and stories are designed for a perfect break in the day to support you.

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